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For making your home beautiful and eye-catching and relaxing, the best way is to paint your home with the best paints. It is not that difficult to learn painting on walls and painting in different areas in your home. There are two types of paints when you will be painting inside your home. For walls, the best suitable paints are water-based latex paints, these types of paints get dry in a short period of time and go longer. The other type of paint is oil-based paints, these paints are best for doors, windows, and high roof woodworks.

As compared to water latex paints, oil paints are a little bit tricky to use. Water paints are not as thicker as oil paints and therefore oil paints need more durable and different kinds of rollers and brushes. For drying the oil paints, it can take too long but it will be best if you choose those areas to be painted with oil paints that have got some ventilated area along with it. Moreover, while using oil paint, proper ventilation is also required because oil paint has a stronger odour as compared to water latex paint.