For making custom oil painting handmade, most of us want to draw these types of paintings from the photos. For this, it is needed to follow the basic rules, directions, and interactions to paint in this way. The best way to give an artistic style to your photo, you will definitely love to draw it through paints. On the very first step, you will have to make it clear that you will have to be careful and should know that it is quite different to make oil paintings than a digital print.

By getting a photo through digital print and fixing it on canvas will not be that attractive as painting with colors on the canvas with hands. The enlarged digital print will also create some allure but as compared to this, the oil painting will portray the imaginations exactly what you would be thinking about. If we talk about caring and framing between oil painting and digital print, the caring and framing of digital print are easier and effortless than oil painting. In oil painting, you will have to be really attentive and it requires a bit more attention to details.

As compared to regular photos, you will have to be a bit more caring and it will be quite detailed when you will choose custom oil painting by hand. It will also be time-taking as you will have to think about choosing the colors, details. Another difference between oil painting and digital printing is that in oil painting, you will have to wait to get it dry, it may take hours or days to get dry. Even after getting dried, the surface of the oil painting can feel smeared. But in digital printing, you can touch the painting immediately after you get the print.